Arranging, Pre-Production, Full Production, Tracking


The most exciting process at LittleBig! The production and tracking stage is where our creativity comes to life and we have a lot of FUN while creating extraordinary pieces of art! Protools are the software platform with countless effects/sound plug-ins, state of the art hardware and studio recording equipment. Jason, doing most of the instrument tracking himself like acoustic guitar, electric, bass, live drum tracking, ukulele, baritone, percussion, live recording of our in-house baby grand piano or bringing in session muso’s for violin, cello, etc. Whatever’s needed to make your project timeless!!

The “live” and “control” rooms – Superbly designed to achieve optimum acoustic properties, (acoustic isolation, diffusion or absorption of reflected sound). Live room are approx. 25squares in size and control room approx. 16squares

Mixing, Post-Production, Editing, Final Mastering


Continues referencing through connecting with and outsourcing of mixing, post-production, editing and final mastering duties with an extensive support network of well-established production houses, producers, mixing and mastering engineers in order to ensure best possible end product for artists

Song writing sessions, Voice-overs, Jingles, Movie Soundtracks


Assistance with new song writing or arrangement of existing/new songs. Composition of original music, the structure of musical pieces or the creation of new music pieces. Voice-over productions, Jingles for advertising purposes or full production of movie soundtracks/songs

Artist Development, Music Tutoring, Live Event Recording, Video Productions


LittleBig offers a variety of tutoring services; vocal training, piano, guitar, bass, etc. Lizandra Winter, one of the best vocalists South Africa have produced, will be your personal vocal coach

Live event recordings are offered as well; like choir recordings, singing or music competitions, etc.

With Videographer Henk Greyling we offer full Music video productions as well! Contact Henk at 083 665 6308 or e-mail